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The Warrior Woman. The Valkyrie.

Dwight:"I'll always love ya baby" Gail: "Always...and Never"

Gail *The Valkyrie*
1 November 1966
Old Town
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You don't know him. He will find a way.

My man always finds a way.

My Town. Old Town. Situated in the heart of Basin City, where a fella can find a good time for the right price. But...buyer beware. The girls of Old Town don't just lie on their backs and take it. You mess with us you are going to go down. That's the deal we have with the cops. We give them free entertainment when they need it and they let us deliver our own brand of justice. They stay out of our way. This way the mob,pimps and drugs stay out of Old Town.

My name is Gail. I am the leader of the girls of Old Town. What should I tell you about me? Well, I make sure every thing is cool like Fonzie around here. I also specialize in S&M and my specialty is tying knots. But, I don't sell myself much anymore. I am trying to cut back some.

Why you ask? Well, I fell in love with a guy. Yeah, stupid me. It's something I don't do but hell, it must happen to everyone sooner or later. His name is Dwight McCarthy. He came to me one night with his face all fucked up. Said some broad he was with pushed him out a window. He begged me to fix his face and I did. That one firey night he was mine. It burned into my memory and never went away. But he did.

He went and got revenge on the woman who did this to him. Her name was Ava Lord. It was an ex-girlfriend of his who had set him up for the murder of her husband. Dwight has been on the run since then and he has had his share of other women. Especially, a barmaid named Shellie, who got Dwight and me into a whole mess of shit because of some boyfriend cop she had.

The whole night turned crazy as Wallenquist sent his men to try to take over Old Town. But Dwight wouldn't have it and he set up a plan to take them down.

Please don't stealthis image. It was made especially for me by a friend.
I was there by his side. His Valkyrie. His warrior woman, he calls me. And once again the fire that we have for each other couldn't be controlled.

"I love ya , Baby. Always." He would say. But I knew deep down that we'd never be together. So I would reply "Never".
Never seems such a hopeless word. But that's just how we are. "Hopeless". I wish deep down it could change. Maybe he can make me believe there is a place for us, through the madness of it all. But this is it. It is our home. Old Town.

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